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   Valerie Wiesner has been involved with birth since 1980 when she had to travel The Farm Commune in Tennessee to deliver her first baby.  At that time home birth was illegal in many states and midwives were going to jail!  The unsympathetic mindset of doctors and dim views of birth stirred a passion to help women embrace and honor their growing bellies and lifetime role in motherhood.  Her desire is to help you realize the importance of your birth journey; to guide you in choices that will help you in claiming the best birth experience for you.  

  Valerie Wiesner lives tucked away in the mountains in Prescott, Arizona where she has home birthed and raised 14 children.  She gardens year round providing the majority of their fresh food and herbs for medicine.  

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Sacred Birth Guru Valerie Wiesner



Mountain Midwife Sacred Birth Services started with a deep desire to support and validate women.  To motivate them to embrace their pregnancies with the passion of a warrior going into battle.  You are equipped with everything you need to grow and birth your baby.  Our society warps women from body image to fear factors and misguided expectations.  Let me assist you in overcoming fears; guide you on your journey as you enter into this new and beautiful image and work of Motherhood.  I have your health and best interest in mind in assisting you to figure out your birth plan; from Sacred Pregnancy Retreats & Doula work, to Mother Roasting- warming the mother with a multitude of health and honoring therapies and ceremonies, placenta crafting and postpartum health recommendations.  This is YOUR journey.  Let me reassure and guide you in making the best decisions for your family.