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Doula Basic & Pampered package which includes Rebozo + training AND Photos 

plus Placenta Encapsulation, and Cord Keepsake



Doula Basic package including complimentary Rebozo, Postpartum Follow-up plus Four Childbirth Education Classes




  ​I can assist you in preparing for this incredible journey with self-confidence and peace.  My service includes a minimum of 2 meetings where we create your birth plan.  I'll show you and your partner some rebozo* techniques & I gift you with your own personal rebozo for lasting uses.  I have book suggestions and a lending library for your use.  I have a TENS unit for a natural pain control available.  I integrate suggestions for best baby positioning, nutrition for a healthy delivery and awareness of labor situations.  I'll attend your birth and be on call with 24/7 access 1 month surrounding your birth; and one postpartum visit within two weeks.  I'll be available via email or texts for any questions or concerns throughout your pregnancy.  Packages available:

*Rebozo:  A traditional Mexican shawl used as a birthing tool.  Techniques will assist laboring Mama in a variety of ways during labor and birth.  


Doula Services in Prescott

Important information about circumcision:

* Aside from the United States, no other country in the world routinely circumcises its baby boys for non-religious reasons.

* The foreskin is perfectly normal, healthy tissue that plays an important role in sexuality.

* Circumcision has no justifiable benefits and is in fact harmful – from pain and suffering, to surgical botches, to reduced maternal-child bonding.

* Medical authorities throughout the world consider circumcision medically unnecessary and unethical.

Photograph your first and best moments of birth including newborn shots during our postpartum visit.  Package and CD prices available upon request.  Special Rates if I'm attending your birth.


Two Prenatal meetings, includes Doula Services, Complimentary Rebozo with support in using for birth, and Postpartum Follow up



Fully Certified Doula through DONA INTERNATIONAL

Certified in Breastfeeding Basics & Childbirth for Doulas 

Certified Rebozo Worker, Student Midwife

  Have you thought about what your birth will be like at the time of delivery?   Having a Birthing Plan, being aware of the many possibilities surrounding birth and making conscientious decisions can make the difference in a satisfying birth experience. Women are designed to give birth.  You have the capability to handle each aspect of this journey through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.  A doula can show you options, support and encouragement.  Preparing a birth plan, sticking with you and your partner, offering emotional, physical and informational support through all phases of labor & delivery are just a few of the benefits of doula care.  During contractions is not a good time to deal with unnecessary pressure from the doctor or nurses.  Pain coping techniques, knowledge, guidance and moral support can make a big difference in your birth outcome.  Let me guide you in exploring the possibilities so you can achieve your desired intentional labor and delivery. My Doula Services include Postpartum Doula assistance.  Your birth, Your way, whether traditional choices or alternative views~


Some books I recommend:

​* Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Dr. Sarah Buckley

​* Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.. Excellent collection of real birth stories.  Helpful for perspective on labor.

What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know: The Truth about Diets and Drugs in Pregnancy​ by Gail Brewer Sforsa

* Birthing From Within by Pam England... Takes you to a place of reality, acceptance and strength for your birth journey.

* Sacred Pregnancy by Anni Dalter... Put the beauty way into your pregnancy.  Observe and celebrate the changes throughout your journey from Maiden to Mother.

* The First 40 Days : The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou...Emphasizes the importance of the postpartum period for new mothers by creating space for this essential period of integration and recovery.  It revives the lost art of caring for the mother after birth.

I work with a sliding scale fee. I accept payment via Paypal, Payment Plan & Barter.

I offer a 10% discount for full cash payments, single Moms and Military.​

The Business of Being Born:  

This film puts birth into perspective in today's culture

Guiding Your Sacred Journey with Knowledge, Love and Passion