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 Have you ever thought about your dream birth?

The time is now

Whatever stage in your pregnancy, it's time to think about what choices are available for your birth, future family, pregnancy care & birth services.  Birthing is so much more than a physical experience-- it is also a mental, emotional and spiritual journey.  There are many aspects to consider, from coming to terms with your past, to pre-conceived ideas of pregnancy, birth & motherhood, and postpartum care.  This chapter is life changing. My goal is to validate & restore the honor and beauty of this highest calling: Motherhood! I can guide you in exploring options to refine the best birth for you.  My privilege is to assist you in focusing on all aspects of making this entrance from maiden to mother glorious; to motivate and equip you to be a Birth Warrior.  I provide tools and processes that can guide you in exploring your transformation as a mother.  I offer Pregnancy Retreats, FREE Indie Birth Community Childbirth Classes, Doula Services,  Prescott Placenta Encapsulation & Postpartum Doula Care for afterbirth wellness.  Pregnancy & birth are a journey.  Let me serve you in preparing for a beautiful motherhood.  ...for such a time as this~ Esther 4:14

Placenta consumption is nothing new in other parts of the world.  The Chinese have been practicing this health benefit for 5000 years.  Evidence shows proven benefits from early bonding,  fast and hardy milk production, relief from postpartum depression, slowing uterine bleeding, replenished iron supplies & more.  I'm certified through Full Circle Placentas and offer many placenta services from supplements, keepsakes , art & support.

I'm Valerie  and I have much experience in birth work: from becoming a Certified Doula(DONA), to home, hospital and emergency situations and birthing our 14 children: from The Farm Commune in Tennessee, to home and roadside delivery!  My heart has always been to help women see birth as a natural experience.  To be prepared.  Not with fear, but with strength like a WARRIOR!   You can do this.  You already have what you need; let me help you reach your best potential from early pregnancy and birth to postpartum.





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