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 Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist through International Placenta and Postpartum Association (IPPA) 

Directly mentored by the founder of the largest placenta training organization in the world.

Certified thru OSHA specifically for Placenta Encapsulation. Bloodborne Pathogens and Arizona Food Handlers Permit specifically for Placenta Encapsulation




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  In today's culture women may feel squeamish at the thought of ingesting their placenta.  Why would you eat your placenta?  This vital tissue is full of life force energy!  It was the mediator between your body and your growing baby.  It is made perfectly by you, just for this baby!  Consuming by capsules or other methods replaces important iron, vitamins, hormones, stem cells and other properties that help you to heal in a whole manner.  It is a natural pain reliever,  speeds healing time, decreases bleeding and promotes a sense of well being among so many other things.

   Placenta consumption is nothing new in other cultures.  The Chinese have been practicing this health benefit for 5000 years.  Primitive cultures know it can stop hemorrhaging where there is no M.D.  Current evidence shows proven benefits from early bonding, fast and hearty milk production, relief from postpartum depression, slowing uterine bleeding and replenished iron supplies while restoring vitality by healing internal organs and replacing lost hormones, vitamins and minerals.

Prescott Placenta Encapsulation Services

  • Now offering Placenta Jewelry:  Keepsake Inclusion Necklace with encapsulation purchase- $45.00

  "My experience with placenta encapsulation was very positive. I'm a first time mother and having never experienced childbirth and the postpartum healing that follows, having the placenta encapsulated seemed to be a tremendous help. Once I started taking the capsules, I really could feel the energy and strength they gave me. Especially during the first month after my baby was born they made a huge difference, but even in the months after they continued to energize me. I would want to utilize placenta encapsulation in all of my births in the future."   -Mercy

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What you can expect with my service:

  • Prenatal meeting, evaluation, education and agreement.
  • Placenta pick-up within 24 hours after birth.
  • Encapsulation package returned to you within 24 hours of pick-up.
  • Beautiful packaging including cord keepsake.

  • Follow-up visit 2 weeks postpartum.

  • Unlimited 24-hour text access and support for any questions.

  • Lending library of placenta information.

  • Finest Placenta Encapsulation Standards in Prescott


Crafted with the finest care

  • Raw~Preferred method for maximum potency, yields higher quantity.  Dehydrated at a lower temperature.  $200.00

  • Steamed~Prepared the Traditional Chinese Medicine way by lightly steaming to bring warmth before dehydrating.  This method is preferred if you have anxiety, insomnia or nervousness.  $225.00

  • Packages~ Include capsules, 4 oz. tincture, cord keepsake and placenta print.
  •  $250.00-Raw                                               $275.00 TCM

  • Tinctures~ Good for teething babies among other things.  Preserve this liquid gold for the future with indefinite shelf life.  Useful long after placenta capsules are finished.  4 oz. $35.00

  • Salves~ Good for eczema, diaper rash, hair loss, skin conditions and much more.  4 oz. $40.00

  • Artwork~ Placenta prints in your choice of colors.  2 for $25.00

  • Photo Prints~ Artistic photo keepsakes tailored to your preferences.  2 for $25.00​