​Here's what you'll learn in our Sacred Beginnings classes~

Week One :: Journey of a Mother
*create a sacred circle with other mamas + babies
*create a sacred space
*rite of passage for baby into this world
*make sacred candles
*creating the beauty way
*baby eye gaze meditation

Week Two :: Growing Pains
*honor the vulnerability of postpartum
*celebrating motherhood
*learn baby yoga
*sisterhood support
*mama baby meditation
*baltic amber necklaces

Week Three :: Healthy Home
*open your circle to many types of mothering + living close to nature
*I AM meditation
*learn about essential oils in the home
*bonus recipes for glass cleaner, floor cleaner, + laundry detergent
*learn about essential oil use with baby
*create baby powder, & receive recipes for organic baby shampoo + body wash
*recipes for lavender moisturizer, + dry shampoo for mama!
*create sugar lemon scrub

Week Four :: Roadmap for Parenting
*recognize our deep inner knowledge
*mother's meditation
*explore baby's astrological chart
*create vows to baby

 + Connection
*bonding with baby though sight, sound, touch, + smell
*connecting through the rhythm of breathing
*benefits of babywearing
*physical connection + skin to skin benefits
*learn tender touch bonding, a style of baby massage
*discuss the 4th trimester

Week Five :: Release 
*acknowledge the deep fears surrounding motherhood
*fear release meditation
*journaling about fears
*fire fear release
*practice listening to your intuition
*gather your village
+ Nourishment
*recipes for conscious preparing + cooking
*build ritual around nourishment
*build + maintain a positive body image after birth
*create a sacred kitchen + sign
*create & share nourishing food for the family
*recipes for homemade baby food + baby-led weaning

Week Six :: Blessed Be
*celebration meditation
*mama + baby ceremony
*set intentions for your future with baby
*journal + letter to baby
*going to the salt bowl

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Women Coming Together, With Baby, To Honor the Sacred Journey of Motherhood

Sacred Beginnings is an 6-week class series where we, along with baby, sit together in sacred circle to honor the rite of passage of bringing a baby earth-side, whether it’s the transition from maiden to mother or the transition to more than one child. Empowered by the support of other mothers, we build our village during a time of challenge, beauty and growth. Through the gifts of community, commemoration, celebration and ceremony, we shine light on the many vibrant experiences of mothering - those moments bursting with unbound love as well as the raw, vulnerable times. Prior attendance of Sacred Pregnancy classes is not a requirement; this series is open to all moms, new and experienced alike.

​6 Weekly Classes

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Sacred Beginnings

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