We are intertwined with our natural world since the beginning of time. We thrive in the wonders of mountain and forest beauty, vibrant streams, intense ocean waves beating against the shores, and rainbows after a fragrant rain shower that enliven us. In our modern society, it is easy to become removed from nature and our authentic selves by the distractions of a technical world. But we are created to experience pleasure to balance our hectic lives. Taking time to slow down and practice life in awareness, we gain immense enjoyment from our senses and presence in our daily activities.  Have you ever felt peace walking barefoot through the forest?  How about sitting in silence under the tranquility of the full moon and you became aware in awe how vast the universe is?  Have you listened to a concert and responded to the pulse of the beat coursing through your body and felt in sync?  Are there times in your week that you are blissed out by whatever turns you on?
            The importance of experiencing pleasure is well documented for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Reducing stress and giving yourself the privilege of this basic need for pleasure is validating as a human being.  Here are a few ideas to get your thought process flowing with variations of sensual pleasure. Consider making time for some of these in your life: 


  • Music that you enjoy listening to or participating in is known to bring peace and healing to the brain.  Pleasure producing chemicals change brain waves for peace of mind in our chaotic world.

  • Visual beauty, whether out in nature, sitting yourself by a window at work, or surrounding yourself with pictures or decor that brings pleasure and feeds your spirit, just as nutritious food feeds your body.


  • Sense of smell, whether through an ocean breeze, a walk after the rain, or aromatherapy can be medicinal on many levels. Breathing the fragrance of nature or special essential oils is healing physically and emotionally.  Binding scents with pleasant memories from past to present can bring peace and happiness into your life.


  • Taste is another way to bring pleasure in more than one way.  Eating nutritious food brings contentment from taste, and a sense of doing the right thing for your body besides giving you energy and health.  This satisfies mind, body and spirit.​

  • Touch is an experience that brings pleasure, health and well-being.  Massaging natural and aromatic oils stimulates good feelings and releases healing chemicals, improving circulation and promoting sleep.

Can you find ways to incorporate sensual pleasure into your life? What activities can you add to your weekly schedule that bring peace, joy and a feeling of being pampered?  Take baby steps and try adding one new pleasure this week.  You are worthy; take time for yourself.

August 21st, 2017

Orgasmic Birth

Celestial Full Moon

In a sea of fantastic ecstatic energy

I awoke startled, surrounded by torrents of passionate waves,

Tossed about with involuntary movement, feeling like a galley slave.

Through my tempestuous body they rolled, uncontrolled and private.

Spontaneous pleasure as I was pushed onward toward each cresting summit,

Not understanding how to behave-

What to gather from this hidden pleasure- oh to be brave!

I noticed outside, the Celestial Full Moon,

An impending full eclipse taking place soon.

Another surge, I accepted willingly, how else could I be?

Driving me uncontrolled toward a blissful crest, 

My mind confused, I failed to seek comfort

From the tender guidance of my beloved.

I gathered my wits, helpless to accept grounding,

Utterly unsure of what could be happening;

As the intensity mounted I quickly surrendered-

Another swell carried me instantly hastening

To another wild zenith, ensuring my christening.

Wafting and tasting of lusty warm sweat

Intellectually, can't fully comprehend

Feeling driven by that glorious Celestial Full Moon, 

I'll never forget the adventure overtaking me, forever secure in my mind,

My Celestial baby preparing to be born soon, in her own time.

Impelled to squat, my water broke;

It gushed and flooded while the fresh sweet aroma

surrounded my unspoken aura, my essence, an offering.

Conscious of baby rapidly descending

As each wave unstoppable, eagerly impending

Brought a flood of euphoric feelings:

Quietly questioning how this could occur at birth-

Never before.  

Shouldn't there be pain with each rising force?

My others were different, more arduously intense of course.

Why is there pleasure and uncontrolled bliss?

Is it that vibrant Celestial Full Moon with progressing impending full eclipse so soon

Driving this birth with untamed and welcomed joyous power?

I moved to the bed where I tried to relax,

 For in this very hour

The midwife had yet to arrive- only thirty minutes had passed.

Releasing my wavering reliance on her

Trusting my body in the most profound surge

I reached down just as my baby emerged

Feeling her soft hair in privacy down there

Wet and creamy and juicy and warm, I can only stare-

As she slipped out of my body

I heard her first breath,

Then a lusty cry as she laid on my bare chest.

Fragrant and warm and slippery and sweet,

We gazed upon each other- the first time we meet.

Enjoying the miracle as that marvelous eclipse peaked,

That Celestial Full Moon with wonderment galore

Stealing my speech,

Trusting birth, forevermore.


My Journey to Midwifery

September 5th, 2017

August 21st, 2017

 At 19 years old, I found myself hitchhiking to “The Farm” Commune in Tennessee with my first pregnancy.  Legal midwifery didn’t exist in my hometown in Illinois, so I began the conquest to find natural birth, starting my adventures that spanned the next 23 years and 14 babies.  My diverse experiences birthing at The Farm, then in the hospital, and then unassisted in 1983, each led me along a path to become a student of traditional midwifery.

     After our arrival to the commune, we spent many days connecting to The Farm midwives preparing for our first birth.  Their positive attitude towards birth reassured us, giving strength to my mission. Reading the stories in “Spiritual Midwifery”, I felt mentally prepared as the awaited day approached. Labor began a couple days before I had expected. Excitement mounted as I lost my mucous plug and contractions began. Active labor ensued by the time our midwife arrived and I soon entered transition.  As the baby quickly emerged, I questioned, then accepted an automatic episiotomy!  No offer to naturally stretch, or to wait and see if I tore needing a stitch. Because of the episiotomy, I did receive a couple of stitches which seemed to cause pain throughout the next year.  The midwives insisted on the PKU testing. We struggled against their advice with much guilt inflicted by them. Feeling overall grateful for this experience, yet realizing there were aspects I didn’t agree with, I had no clue how this birth would contrast my next two deliveries.

     During my following pregnancy in Arizona, labor started at 28 weeks.  Thankful we had recently met with our chosen midwife as she traveled with me to the Tucson University Hospital in hopes that labor hadn’t begun. Things progressed quickly once we arrived.  The doctors completed some assessments and assured me the baby wouldn’t arrive anytime soon. He did a cervical check, and to his surprise I was 7 cm. dilated. Nurses quickly prepared for delivery where several student physicians waited in the room.  Suddenly, the doctor and medical students discussed why they needed to use forceps on this tiny baby.  My husband stood firm while the medical attendants bullied us, saying our baby could experience brain damage if we didn’t comply.  Because we birthed at a university hospital, they felt privileged to use plenty of intervention. We suffered, completely out of control. I determined to avoid this kind of experience in the future.

     The profound difference between the hospital birth and the next birth solidified my belief in woman’s ability to birth peacefully, without the interventions I experienced in the two previous births. When labor began, we discovered our midwife attending another birth.  Labor lasted only thirty minutes and she did not arrive until after the birth of the baby.  There was zero intervention; I followed my body’s lead and felt peace and calm, trusting my intuition that everything would be fine.  This was my largest baby: nine pounds, and I experienced not only painless, but pleasant surges!  I focused mental effort to completely relax and not assist with pushing. I vividly remember laying on the bed, watching and feeling my body naturally release my baby into the serene surroundings of our home.

      The experience of those three births led me to know that birth is trustworthy if left alone to follow its own natural course. I felt deeply inspired and called to help women find their own capabilities and inner strengths to give birth without unnecessary interventions. I went on to undertake 11 more natural undisturbed births ranging from two to six hours of labor.  Those beginning births confirmed my convictions to passionately assist others.  When the Indie Birth Midwifery School opened, it perfectly aligned with me. Investing my time and energy, getting the knowledge and preparation I need, I will go out into the world to support other women. Walking beside these birth warriors with strength, optimistic encouragement, and knowledge is my renewed mission as women find their power in birth. 

The Importance of Pleasure in our Life

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