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Sacred Wise Woman Live!

september 28th - Oct. 1, 2018


 Women's stories need to be found, heard & woven together as word medicine to heal our silenced heritage. Journey with us as Wise Women building community throughout the world as we rewrite and reclaim HERstory with passion. United, touching the edges of the earth, bringing beauty, wisdom, healing and our legacy for future generations.

Sacred Wise Woman classes honor, celebrate, and hold space for women as they transition into their Wise Woman years. You will be certified as a Sacred Wise Woman Mentor and be able to run these classes or circles for your local women. This online class includes beautifully designed PDF's and audio and video to guide you. You'll also be invited to a private group to connect with other women on the journey and learn directly from Valerie! This class is at your own pace and you will receive a certification when you're finished.

Here is what you will learn from Sacred Wise Woman

Lesson 1: Connection with our Innate Wise Woman

*Beauty Way 

*History of the Crone

*Cultural Trends

*Svabhava Mudra Meditation

*Craft your Legacy

*Community~ Build your Tribe

*Word Medicine Project 

Lesson 2: She Heals

*Perceptions of the Crone 

*Revelation Revolution Art

*Your Innate Wisdom

*Healer with Herbs-Knower of Mysteries

*Surrender & Acceptance

*Wise Woman Herbal Healing Knowledge

*Make Wise Woman Tinctures, Salves, Spritzers & Teas

Lesson 3:Sacred Truth Keeper

*Be Intentional- Writeyour Life

*One Small Change 

*Create and Journey Your Labyrinth

*Gardening & Wild Plants

*Wise Woman Herbs to Grow

*Essential Oils for the Wise Woman Years 

Lesson 4: She Nourishes

*We are Nourished

*Entrainment & Rhythm Circle

*Found Instruments

*Rejuvenating Recipes for Health and Life

*Make Kombucha

*Fermented and Cultured Foods

*Make Sourdough from Wild Yeast 


Lesson 5: Passage and Discovery

*Transition- Emerging Butterfly 

*Ceremonial Fear Release  

*Silence of your Eggs + V-Steams

*Wise Woman V-Steam Herbs

*Other Self Honoring Practices


Lesson 6: Storyteller

*The Walkabout-Withdrawing from the World 

*Grounding or “Earthing”

*Reality of Darkness-Truth Mirror

*Witness Dance for Strength & Self-Acceptance

*Your Legends + Family Crest

*Matcha Tea Ceremony 


Lesson 7:Jubilee! Enter your Zenith

*Creative Growth

*Harness your Abilities

*Tibetan Singing Bowl for Healing and Meditation

*Make a Thriving Anointing Oil

*Anti-Aging Oils and Butters

*Recipes for Bliss


Lesson 8: Rebirth! Ceremonial Croning

*Customize a Croning Ceremony

*Prayer Flags

*Wise Woman Gemstones

*Bizz Advice

*Important Details

*Going to the Salt Bowl